Window Tinting Services for Homes, Businesses and Automobiles

Window tinting is not just for vehicles. As an Albuquerque resident, you know better than most that going indoors does not necessarily provide a reprieve from the sun. The sun’s intense UV rays can stream through your windows, filter past your shades and counteract your HVAC unit’s efforts. If you’re tired of losing your indoor climate control battle to the sun and of racking up a sky-high energy bill in the process, contact GR Window Tint & Auto Glass to get a free estimate for home, business and auto window tinting services.

Residential Window Tint

Residential window tint — or “window film,” as some people call it — is perfect for Albuquerque homeowners who want to keep their homes cool, reduce their energy costs and/or increase their homes’ levels of privacy. Window films reject the sun’s UV rays and improve year-round indoor comfort without blocking out the natural light. They also help to reduce energy costs as cooling systems no longer have to counteract the heat from the sun’s rays. A few other benefits of investing in residential window tint are as follows:

  • Protect your home’s furnishings and belongings by keeping out damaging UV light.
  • Add an extra layer of privacy to your home.
  • “Shatterproof” your windows to protect your family against shards from broken glass.
  • Deter criminals with shatterproof glass that acts as an extra barrier during break ins.

We hand cut all our window tints to fit precisely to each individual window. We also only use the best tinting materials from the more reputable brands in the industry and tried and true application techniques. The result is high performance windows that, aside from their many benefits, are virtually undetectable.

Commercial Window Tint

Whether you are a small, Albuquerque-based business or a large corporation with locations across the nation, you do what you can to reduce overhead costs. You also go above and beyond to keep your employees and your customers comfortable. When installed correctly, high-grade commercial window tint can help you reduce energy costs and maintain a more comfortable indoor environment. As a result of the latter benefit, you may notice an increase in employee satisfaction, an increase in employee productivity and an increase in customer satisfaction. You can also reduce fading on office furniture and other interior items as well as improve your building’s exterior appearance.

Types of commercial window tints that offer numerous benefits are as follows:

  • Solar control, which reflect the highest amount of glare at the most affordable price
  • Security films, which make your glass “shatterproof” and help deter “smash and grab” criminals
  • Anti-graffiti films, which protect glass against spray paint, acid, scratching, etching and other vandalism attempts, and which are far cheaper to replace than commercial windows

When you invest in quality commercial window tint for your business, the returns will be ongoing. Talk to our technicians about commercial grade film during your free estimate.

Automotive Window Tint

With automotive tint, you can reject up to 61% of the sun’s total energy and up to 99% of its ultraviolet rays from your vehicle. In Albuquerque and similar climates, this can drastically increase your comfort while behind the wheel. With the right type and level of tint, you can realize the following benefits:

  • A cooler interior climate while reducing your need for air conditioning
  • Reduced bright spots on sunny days
  • Reduced interior fading
  • Protection against blinding headlights or glares

Depending on the type of tint you choose, you may also be able to reduce your risk of skin cancer by reducing your exposure to harmful UV rays.

Why Put Your Trust in GR Window Tint & Auto Glass

The technicians at GR Window Tint & Auto Glass have a combined 20+ years of experience installing various types of residential, commercial and automotive tint. Since founding our auto glass shop, we have developed relationships with some of the most reputable tint manufacturers in the industry. As a result, we can offer high quality, durable and advanced window films at some of the most competitive prices around. Our technicians take pride in their work and approach the installation process with the utmost care and diligence. For these reasons and more, we have a long list of satisfied clients who turn to us for all their window tinting needs.

If you are interested in residential, commercial or automotive window tint, reach out to GR Window Tint & Auto Glass. We are happy to offer a free estimate or to answer any questions you may have.

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